The organising team had come up with a wide-ranging programme packed with talks and panel discussions from leading industry experts on the latest trends and advancements related to the applications of digital solutions in healthcare, which attracted over 60 registrants from more than 30 organisations including pharmaceuticals, CROs, academics and start-ups.

The event began with the welcome speech by Rocio Martin, Director of Danone Nutricia Research Precision Nutrition D-Lab, followed by an introduction to PhUSE by Paul Vervuren, Danone Nutricia Research.

The keynote speech by Dr Steven Tucker on ‘Transforming the Art of Medicine into the Science of Health’ was inspirational and set the tone for the rest of the event. Exciting talks on real-world evidence (RWE), healthcare analytics and AI followed.

In the midst of all these, the projector had failed! Looking at various options available, we decided to move everyone to the adjacent auditorium and managed to recover the lost time over the course of the day. This could not dampen our spirits, and terrific subsequent presentations by Joydeep Sarkar on healthcare analytics and Dr Ayesha Khanna on AI re-energised the audience.

After lunch, the highly anticipated data privacy and protection panel discussion began. This was a hotly anticipated item on the agenda given that the local SingHealth cyberattack had occurred just a few days prior; and the panel discussion shared some of the key aspects on the implementation of data privacy locally and regionally. Talks on digital tools in clinical research, RWE, diet management and personalised diagnostics also pointed to a new era for digitalisation in healthcare.

The event ended with an engaging panel discussion on the use of digital solutions and social media in clinical trials and RWE.  

Barring some logistic setbacks, it was a successful inaugural event and provided greater insights into how healthcare industries are rapidly changing and how much more we can do to incorporate and support these new technologies.

When we started planning for this event in Q3 2017, there were no PhUSE members in Singapore. Today, we have more than 60. We would like to thank all the speakers, participants and sponsors for their great support. It is our hope that all attendees had a rewarding experience. It certainly was for us.

Presentations can be found here