The day started with Mayank Anand providing a PhUSE update and introducing the SDE Chairs Shrishaila Patil and Lakshmikanthan Santhanakumar to the audience. As the day progressed, Sunil Gupta provided programmers great insights into best programming practices, Advanced SAS techniques and CDISC compliance techniques. Ranjith introduced the audience to concepts of Breakthrough Therapy Designation and its importance.

The SDE witnessed diverse topics from industry experts including “Evaluating Anthropometric Growth End Points with Z-Scores and Percentiles”, “Primary End Points Analysis in Pivotal Submission Studies –  From a Statistical Programmer's Perspective”, “PROC MI – A New Tool to Deal with Laboratory Missing Data in ADaM”, “Neutropenia End Points and their Effect on Cancer Patients”, “Data Analysis – Gateway to Unlocking the Potential of Drug Development” and “Life Cycle of a Drug – How Does this Cycle Work?”. There were detailed presentations on breakthrough therapy such as “A Peek at the Drug Development Process and End Points in Breakthrough Therapies”, “Different FDA Review Designations, and Features that Statistical Programmers Need to Know for Breakthrough Designations (BTDs)”.

The panel discussion was motivating and had good participation from the audience. Interesting questions were asked by programmers about career development and retention in today’s evolving and challenging environment.

Presentations can be found here