The event was kicked off by a wonderful keynote speech from William Malbecq and Kristel Vandormael from MSD on how quantitative scientists continue to contribute to HTA decision making, and the visions and future development opportunities in an environment with emerging use of new types of data, continuing harmonization efforts and increased customer expectations.  

During the course of the day, a wide range of exciting topics we represented and diverse perspectives were shared from the emergence of HTA dossiers to what it will take to accelerate this field, what the challenges are and what tools are helping us to overcome them. We learnt about good initiatives to understand and present the treatment benefits relevant to the patients: from insights on patient treatment journeys to experiences in developing a Global Value Dossier (GVD) which best meets localHTA requirements.  

We have seen novel statistical methodologies like Indirect Treatment Comparisons (ITC),meta-analyses, switch-over analyses, and a lot of good researches to provide unbiased and robust quantitative evidence. We have also observed good progress in the infrastructure, technology and standardization. Different speakers talked about how the statistical methodologies can be implemented, how to create ADaM compliant data structure to facilitate that, how SAS standard macro library evolves and how tools can be generated to automate table translation for country level HTA submission. Throughout the day, in addition to interesting presentation and poster sessions, people shared, learnt and connected with each other during breaks and lunch with enthusiastic discussions and active networking.  

The Event Chairs would like to thank PhUSE and the sponsors for this opportunity, every company and individuals who participated, all the speakers who took their time to share their insights, and all MSD colleagues who helped to organize the event. Everyone has contributed to make this event so informative, energizing and inspiring.

Presentations can be found here