Ramesh Tallapragada and Naresh Tulluru from Celgene attending their very first SDE

I found this SDE unique amongst the 15 to 20 SDEs that I have been fortunate enough to attend. A shared sense of concern and anxiety related to standardised submissions permeated the room. That ‘negative’ quickly became a positive as attendees realised they were not alone in their feelings and this SDE provided them with an invaluable opportunity to take the experiences from their peers back to their desks.

Boston played a pivotal role in American history. The first incursions of the American Revolution happened in and around Boston. In 1773, the Boston Tea Party occurred steps from the site of this SDE. In my opinion, this SDE channelled the spirit of those revolutionaries and today's Bostonians – be heard, be loud, be collaborative – and enabled attendees to bring the pragmatism heard at the SDE back to their own company.