After the panel discussion on SDTM and its natural evolution into a discussion on metadata, the agenda caught this beautifully by shifting into metadata-oriented presentations. It was demonstrated that Controlled Terminology standards are extremely complex, and that relatively subtle changes can have a huge impact on clinical trials utilising versions of those standards. Finally, an in-depth insight into the differences between Enterprise and Community versions of the Pinnacle 21 tool tied everything together by demonstrating an efficient process of communicating the resolving of issues across many parties involved in SDTM and its associated metadata.

The event was characterised by very lively, passionate, and lengthy Q&A sessions, to an extent where not a single pre-prepared question for presenters was read by the hosts! In addition to that, we saw some very active networking at every possible occasion, with many previous, current and future colleagues greeting each other, exchanging anecdotes and sharing freely with one another.

The Danish organising team would like to extend its gratitude to PhUSE for supporting and organising the event. It is not difficult to shine with such a great and professional backbone making everything happen.