Discussions followed, with a presentation on Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry and a PhUSE Machine Learning Working Group Project update by Kevin Lee. After a brief break, Vannessa Williams from the FDA Center of Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Office of Computational Science (OCS) and her team from IBM did a live demo on the usage of IBM Carla (sister of the famous IBM Watson), an AI-based cognitive technology including machine learning to help facilitate internal FDA reviews and its support. 

A PhUSE update given by Chris Hurley started off the afternoon event. He introduced the growth of PhUSE over the years and the upcoming PhUSE Connect. Casey Higgins then displayed an implementation model on machine learning, and Christopher Asakiewicz discussed analysis on both data and decision-making. Following an animated final presentation from Russ Lavery on neural networks in SAS Enterprise Miner, the PhUSE SDE wrapped up with a very engaged panel discussion from all presenters and attendees. Big data and advances in artificial intelligence technologies all signal an era of automation in rapid data collection, revolutionised data analysis capabilities, and faster decision-making. 

This Single Day Event served as a forum to learn about new concepts, trends and solutions as well as to exchange ideas related to the implementation of artificial intelligence and data automation in healthcare and clinical research. This will help identify the opportunities to take forward strides in the development and optimisation of our strategy in the digital age.