Members of PhUSE during the US Connect 2018 Raleigh, NC

The scientific programme included an expanded Regulatory stream, a new Strategy in Programming stream, and built on the recent project work of the CSS meetings completed in March 2018 in Silver Spring, MD. All the sessions were interactive and provided many opportunities for delegates to discuss, challenge each other, and actively participate, to advance the best practices in data science for the pharmaceutical industry. The conference did sell out and we had 590 delegates from across our industry: from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organisations, academia, and regulatory agencies. I would like to thank the Connect Committee for making this inaugural PhUSE US Connect possible: my Co-Chairs Jennifer True and Terek Peterson, the PhUSE Office, all the Stream Chairs and Stream Co-Chairs, and the PhUSE Board of Directors. Organising this Connect was a team effort, and it has been my pleasure and honour to work with this dedicated team. Thank you! The collaboration continues with the EU Connect in November 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, and the next US Connect in Baltimore, MD in February 2019. Papers presented at the 2018 US Connect in Raleigh will be extended and further information shared at these next conferences. I would encourage all our PhUSE members to attend.

Thoughts from a Chair


During the first week of June, I had the opportunity to attend the PhUSE US Connect (held in Raleigh, NC) in the capacity of Co-Chair for the Posters stream. This was an excellent opportunity for me to learn from peers and also get a first-hand account of the trends in the industry from the experts. I have kept abreast of past PhUSE conferences closely, and was looking forward to attending this one in person.

The events leading up to the Connect involved many interesting discussions with the larger team, specifically from other streams. Multiple meetings over six months culminated into experts coming together from across the globe to connect at this conference. There were many items at stake, the success of which was imperative given that the Connect was going to be held for the first time in the United States (all previous venues had been in Europe). We had posters presented on an array of topics and my Co-Chair and I had a very hard time picking the top few. The material, data, analysis and presentations on these posters were among the best I have seen in my career.

I have volunteered to chair the Posters stream for the 2019 US Connect and am incredibly excited to be part of this great conference. I look forward to meeting with hundreds of members of the PhUSE community, in Baltimore, at the Sunday night Poster session.

Attendee experience at the inaugural 2018 PhUSE US Connect


The PhUSE Connects are outstanding conferences for learning, networking and making fond memories within the community of PhUSE members in attendance. The volunteers and office staff who help organise the event, the sponsors who support the event, and the attendees who step up and deliver great presentations have one goal in mind and that is to put on a wonderful conference. Attendance at this conference expands technical awareness and personal growth because of the enrichment derived from such quality interaction with one’s peers in the industry. Julia Feng and Vijetha Kode share their thoughts about the US Connect and their experience as attendees.


It was my great pleasure to attend the 2018 PhUSE US Connect conference at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC, in early June. This was my first time attending a PhUSE Connect meeting. It was a terrific experience to know what other peers are doing, view initiatives and innovations from different aspects, learn coding tips and tricks, explore technology trends, as well as meet and connect with people. The three-day conference was short, but the content was very intense and interesting, including two very inspirational keynote speakers. I would like to thank my management for providing me such a great opportunity to attend this Connect. I also would like to thank PhUSE for providing such a good platform for us to be connected.

Julia Feng and Vijetha Kode share their thoughts at the 2018 PhUSE US Connect


This was the first time I had attended PhUSE and felt it was well worth the registration fee and travel expenses. First, I would like to thank my management for giving me the opportunity to attend this conference. It was very well organised, I met many people and was able to attend numerous sessions. I mainly focused on topics that directly relate to my current work, learning new solutions and best practice strategies that can be implemented in my current job. Overall, I gained valuable experience that couldn’t be obtained anywhere else.