Analytics, Big Data & Statistics

Steve Kirby, Chair
Vidya Muthukumar, Co-Chair
Renu Shukla, Co-Chair

Analytics, Big Data & Statistics is designed to allow members to share ideas on the interface between statistics, analytics and computing as well as innovative ideas to analyse and manage the big data in our industry.

Analytical Risk-based Monitoring

Hanming Tu, Chair
Bhavin Busa, Co-Chair
Adrienne Strickler, Co-Chair

The purpose of this stream is to share innovative approaches leveraging real-time access to clinical data and analytics in proactively managing clinical operation risk. Analytical Risk-based Monitoring (ARBM) is a growing field in clinical trial execution.

Coding Tips & Tricks

Suhas Sanjee, Chair
Saranga Ram, Co-Chair
Kristen Harrington, Co-Chair

This stream is dedicated to brief presentations on real-life code, programming tips and best practices, efficiency techniques, undocumented/new features, useful algorithms, macros and other creative uses of software. This session is the perfect forum for beginners and experts alike to share coding tips and tricks.

Data Handling

Heather Stevens, Chair
Subha Jamburajan, Co-Chair
Anupama Sheoran, Co-Chair

With the increasing complexity of clinical trial data and greater emphasis on delivery of high-quality, submission-ready data, state-of-the-art, novel data-handling techniques for managing clinical data are needed and appropriate for this stream.

Data Standards & Governance

Ellen Asam, Chair
Priya Gopal, Co-Chair
Nancy Haeusser, Co-Chair

Topic areas will include: underlying concepts, descriptions, explanations, interpretations, and processes designed to support the implementation, management and governance of these data standards.

Data Visualization

Michael Badlani, Chair
Roopali Lakhe, Co-Chair
Dan Schramek, Co-Chair

Seeing the big picture opens your eyes to the data! Visual representations, such as charts and maps, provide a mechanism for people to easily and quickly understand what the data represent and mean. The DV stream focuses on data visualisation examples, tools and techniques that can be applied to data in our field to support drug development.

Leadership Team

Karen Curran, Chair
James Mcdermott, Co-Chair
Sangeeta Bhattacharya, Co-Chair

This year, the Leadership stream will be focusing on three hot topics covering innovation, talent management, and a new session called answering business questions through structured ideation. Following on from last year’s success, we will continue to apply innovative, collaborative and engaging approaches to each of the sessions, with a view to creating take-away messages for all.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 

Michael Rimler, Chair
Yingqui Yvette Liu, Co-Chair
Feryal Tanriverdio, Co-Chair

This stream is focused on introducing the community to the topic of machine learning and artificial intelligence and exploring how we can utilise these approaches to drive clinical development and better outcomes for patients.


Georgina Wood, Chair
Sara Modin, Co-Chair
Kala Chivalingalah, Co-Chair

This stream is in place for papers that do not fit within an established stream, so that the Conference Chair and Co-Chair can take the decision on where the paper would best be presented. The focus is to provide a storage point for the paper until an actual stream has been determined and agreed with the author(s).


Narasimha Ayyalas, Chair
Steven Huang, Co-Chair
Carol Baker, Co-Chair

A poster is worth a thousand words, and an hour of conversation and networking. Posters provide an opportunity to cover any of the stream topics in a visual and engaging manner and allow participants to engage in conversation directly with the author.

Submissions & Agencies

Paul Nevills, Chair
Lilliam Rosario, Co-Chair
Maria Dalton, Co-Chair

Clinical data is regulated on all aspects of submission-related activities including interactions with health authorities, site inspections and audits. This stream invites you to share your experiences and have open discussion on the challenges and benefits of working in a highly regulated industry.

Software Demonstrations

James Gunter, Chair
Jim Vasquez, Co-Chair
Edita Karosiene, Co-Chair

Software Demonstrations focuses on the demonstration of new or recently released software and tools. It may include new programming platforms, reporting systems or data management tools and new innovative applications utilising a variety of new and established technologies. 

Standards Implementation

Crystal Allard, Chair
Andrew Miskell, Co-Chair
Cynthia Stroupe, Co-Chair

This stream is dedicated to the implementation of industry standards, such as CDISC, to support the acquisition, exchange, analysis, submission and archival of clinical data and metadata in life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry.

Trends & Technology

Vinash Reddy Pati, Chair
Mary Varughese, Co-Chair
Lisa Lyons, Co-Chair

Trends & Technology papers concentrate on the many new and emerging trends within life sciences that have an impact on those working with data. These could include hot topics driven by external factors such as public opinion and the application of innovative technologies in the life sciences sector.