For a view of the entire region, be sure to visit the top of the Main Tower, which is especially nice at sunset. With good weather, you might see the energy centre to the east; the River Main and, in the distance, the Odenwald and Darmstadt to the south; the airport, football stadium and Industriepark, with many pharmaceutical and chemical plants, to the west; and the Taunus to the north. 

The Frankfurt Museumsufer is not to be missed; whether you are interested in modern or fine art, film, architecture or history, you will find a place to go. If you are looking for dinosaurs, the Senckenberg Museum is close to Frankfurt’s Palmengarten, which contains famous greenhouses. Also of note is the DialogMuseum, which puts visitors in the shoes of people with visual impairment.

The official opening ceremony of the new old centre will take place in September this year, so be sure to visit the reconstruction of the pre-war city centre between the Römerberg square and Frankfurt Cathedral. The old opera house is another attraction for architecture fans.

For shopping, you could start with Die Zeil, home to department stores and many well-known shops. You could also stop at the Kleinmarkthalle, offering a wide variety of fresh food and flowers. More local shops are situated in the Berger Straße in Frankfurt Bornheim, as well as in Sachsenhausen, which is also the place to go for Handkäse mit Musik und Apfelwein, a hit-or-miss regional specialty!

Frankfurt has many faces, from the well-known skyline dominated by the skyscrapers of the financial district to the various green areas and parks, including the central Wallanlagen (which follows around the former city walls). It is a city well worth discovering.