Autumn 2018
From the editor

Autumn 2018

By Diana Stuart

From the Editor

Another summer has drawn to an end, and it has been a very warm one for many places in the northern hemisphere. Even here in the UK, it has been somewhat crispy, with many green spaces looking more the colour of a digestive biscuit – excellent for those on the hunt for undiscovered archaeological sites; less good for the gardeners amongst us.

Autumn can only mean one thing: the PhUSE EU Connect is not far off. A little later this year, it has balanced the PhUSE calendar nicely with the US Connect in June. In this newsletter, we have reports from that conference, as well as from events over the last quarter. Before I guide you through this jam-packed edition I am going to start where I often end. Every quarter, Kirk Paul Lafler shares with us an impressive array (pun intended) of SAS hints and tips, and this edition is no different, jump to his korner for a guide to fuzzy matching programming techniques. We hear from Lucy Rowell on the annual PSI conference that took place in Amsterdam in June. Jim Johnson looks back at the inaugural US Connect, and Narasimha Ayyalas, Julia Feng and Vijetha Kode share their experiences. Looking to 2019, you can meet Jennifer True, Chair of the next US Connect in Starter for Ten. But let’s not wish the rest of the year away – before we get to 2019 we have the EU Connect in Frankfurt. Beate Hientzsch guides us around in part 2 of our city guide, and you can also meet the keynote speakers. Lastly, there are details of the hands-on workshops running at the Connect. Finally there's Sascha Ahrweiler’s report on the first Executive Summit that took place in Raleigh, NC, in June.

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